Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catherines Hill...

The story: Here in little po-dunk Maine, we have a hill going through blacks woods. It already sounds like a creepie place to be, right? Well back in the 1800's a woman was walking along the road. This is when there were carriages and what not. It was the middle of the night on halloween. No one was around, so she thought it would be fine to walk alone. A man new to Maine and this particular road was lost. Being that there were no headlights or street lights it was pitch black except for the dim light of lantern.  The woman wore a white dress that night, the man not seeing her for the light was to small to notice anything at a long distance until it was to late. The wheel of the carriage came across her neck decapitating her. She was killed instantly, the man not noticing what he had done, and kept going. 
Now: Driving Black woods road isn't as creepy as it is at night now. Going over the hill at night scares the shit out of me actually. Anyway, they say, now when you visit the hill, at midnight on Halloween night, you will get a little company in your car. Just don't look in the review mirror until your well past that hill. It's been said she sits in the back of the car with you, her head in her lap. You will only see her neck, bloody and torn with red staining the once so beautifully white dress. Have fun(;